Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The plants are watered!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres was out running errands today when he called to say a torrential downpour was headed my way.  He said it was really raining hard.  I said, "it is beautiful here with white fluffy clouds of happiness and bright blue skies." I even sent a picture to him so he could see we were all safe and secure and free from the threat of an impending deluge.
See?  Nothing but clear skies do I see!
And then
Not 10 minutes later - There was no bright blue sky of happiness anywhere to be seen.  The skies opened up and it rained sheets upon sheets of hard rain. You could barely see out of the windows it was raining so hard. We had thunder and lightning and poor Blossom Doodle ran under my chair to let me know that the skies were definitely falling!  I texted Mr. Yesteryear Acres back and said, "Hey!  The plants are all watered!"  Man - I am so helpful.  There is nothing I won't do to help out!

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