Friday, May 15, 2015

I can see his smile from here

The second my son came home from school he could hear the big planter moving out in the back field.  He didn't even take the time to say that he was leaving and by the time I turned around.....he was gone.  I am pretty sure it would be impossible to beat his time running back to the field. They have been working hard to get the field ready for planting
My son was excited to help! 
We got one last walk in and then.....
The planting of the corn began
That's my son! 
I can see his smile from here 
I didn't even call him home for dinner
These are the pictures he took from "the best day ever"

I could tell you the 1,000 details as to why this is SO AWESOME
Like how many bags of seed they used

Or the exact distance in each planted row

or how cool the guide arm is

On BOTH sides!

But instead I will listen to my son tell me how this is the very best view in all the world 
And he is out there - planting the corn
Smiling "ear to ear"
See what I did there?
Happy Planting!

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