Thursday, May 14, 2015

Garden Time!

We are busy getting ready for our big garden season.  We have been working on our garden for the past few weeks, preparing the soil and getting everything all set for planting.
My son has been out in the field every day after school
This is his favorite view in all the world. 

We have lots to get done!

The big field is getting ready for corn

My son and Bri have been meticulously planting all the seedlings for the green house.  They got soooooo many flats planted! We are going to have an awesome garden! About 15 minutes after I took this picture.......... 
The skies looked like this!  We had to hurry and get everything put away.  Bri was mad that her planting was interrupted!

When we saw the rotation in the sky.......we knew that it was definitely time to call it quits for the day!

We got quite the storm!

and then.......the earth smiled and said, you can plant tomorrow.
Any guesses as to what we are doing today?
The garden says.....I am ready!

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