Thursday, May 28, 2015

But I Love it Most of All

My son is graduating from high school this Sunday.  I have been busy putting together a slide show of all my favorite pictures of him and each time I see a picture of him, I instantly remember what we were doing at that moment and my heart smiles. I enjoy his company so much and I treasure all the times we have shared together.  The one thing that is clear from my slideshow collection is that my son has always been, and will always be, surrounded by tail wagging devotion.  
Wherever my son is...... a doggie is right there with him 
From big doggies
to little puppies 
to tiny doggies that need a place to warm up 

You can find my son

Always sharing his love with our dogs
From the coldest of days 
To the warmest of days

The weather is always perfect for playing fetch

or being surrounded by puppies 

or going for a swim

Or just reading a magazine
But his favorite thing of all is taking his dogs for a walk
And the dogs love it too

My son thinks the best thing about growing up at Yesteryear Acres is being surrounded by endless tail wagging devotion

The doggies think the best thing about growing up at Yesteryear Acres is spending time with my son

They follow him wherever he goes

Whether it is on the dock fishing

or off-leash hiking through snow covered fields

or long walks at the park

My son loves being with his dogs

And our doggies love being with him......

But I love it most of all
Dear Son,
Thank you for every walk you have shared with me and our doggies. I will miss you soooooooooooooo much when you go away to college. The doggies and I will be waiting by the door whenever you come home to visit.  We will have our walking shoes and leashes ready!

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