Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bath Time

Lola's puppies are ready to go to their new homes this weekend so today was bath day.  It is really funny to see how each individual puppy reacts to their "spa treatment".  First up was Turquoise Collar girl.  I had the bubble bath all warm and ready for her and picked her up and put her in the warm water.  She immediately sat down and had the "ahhhhhhhhh" face.  She was quite content and just soaked in the tub.  She didn't try to get out or run around - just pure bliss.  Her bath was done in a jiffy.  Next up was Orange Collar girl.  The second I put her in the tub she thought "OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW...I AM SO LUCKY!  This is the biggest bowl of water I have ever seen!!!"  It was everything I could do to convince her that the soapy bubbly spa treatment was in fact NOT a big glass of water.  In my attempts to get her interested in something other than drinking the tub, my journey to becoming completely soaked began.  Next up was Black Collar Boy.  He was interested in EVERYTHING.  "Wow - what is this?  What is THIS?  Oh my WHAT IS THIS and HOW DOES IT TASTE??!!!"  The faucet was his favorite.  He found out that if he licked the bottom, drops of water came out and he was so completely enthralled with that - he didn't even realize he got a bath.  Next on the list was pink pawprints girl.  I believe she thought she was no longer part of the canine species but instead a pureblooded cat.  She kept putting her paws in the air so she wouldn't touch the water.  I had to end up holding all four feet so she could get in the tub.  She clearly gave me the look that said "HELLO - I was clean ENOUGH already!"  Mr. Blue collar boy spent his bathtime looking for a rubber duckie to play with.  He didn't want to get out.  Green collar girl thought that splashing me was the ultimate in pure joy.  I am convinced she splashed me on purpose.  I saw the little gleam in her eye that said, "Ha ha ha - who is the wet one now?" I was just getting ready to bathe Ms. Blue Collar girl when my older daughter texted me to say she needed me on the computer right away.  Ugh.  I mean I was dripping wet and just ONE MORE puppy to go - but of course I dried off and got on the computer only to find out the really important thing she had to tell me was that she didn't know her Thanksgiving schedule yet.  Ummmmm thanks. I finally got the last puppy, Ms. Blue collar girl, all nice and clean and then do you know what I did????  Can you guess? YES - I TOOK A SHOWER!  And when I was in my shower I said, "Ahhhhhh, Oh WOW, I am so LUCKY, this water tastes good, where is my duckie, I wonder if I was clean enough already and HA HA HA! Who is the wet one now!?!"  See?  We humans aren't really that different from our sweet doggies are we?

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