Monday, October 18, 2010

My Little Butterballs

Oh my!  My very little tiny puppies that I left when I headed to Atlanta have doubled in size over the weekend!  I couldn't believe how big they were when I returned.  I asked Mr. Yesteryear Acres if he fed them Miracle Grow or some kind of magic growth powder but he assures me that he did not.  He said that the puppies just prefer his cooking to mine. What the heck? I was being SUCH the chef to the puppies.  I was making yogurt parfaits for them in the morning.  I was giving them pumpkin delight in the evening.  I made them nice warm fresh cooked white rice.  I even added turkey to their meals. What did Mr. Yesteryear Acres prepare?  PUPPY FOOD.  Yep nothing but plain puppy food.  No parfait.  No pumpkin surprise. Nothing. When I watched Mr. Yesteryear Acres feed the puppies this morning, the puppies all scarfed down the good ole plain puppy food. I couldn't believe it.  And all the puppies are now big butterballs with nice full bellies and wagging tails of happiness. Not one puppy gave him the pitiful, "where is my rice?" look. Not one puppy demanded the yogurt surprise.  Um...what is up with that? Have I been snookered? Have the puppies been having a secret meeting where they all agree I am a sucker for sad forlorn faces and will immediately give in and add special treats to their food?  Were they all laughing behind my back saying "watch this....whine, whimper, sigh, whimper....ha ha ha - here comes the yogurt!!!!" I believe I have been had.  I washed all the very licked clean - not one piece of food remaining - puppy dishes this morning and realized once again that my doodle puppies are awfully clever.  They know a pushover when they see one. Tonight I fed them dinner.  They all got.......puppy food. And yes - they all happily and joyfully ate every bite. I think I caught one puppy saying "the gig is up" right before they devoured their dinner. Ahhh my sweet butterballs. It is a good thing you are so gosh darn cute!!!

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  1. Such a sweet scenario. Who are the parents to these double doodles and can you say yet what the litter consists of. Can't wait for pictures. Sandi


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