Sunday, October 3, 2010

Colleges Colleges Colleges

Today I sat for HOURS with my younger daughter as she applied to the other colleges on her list. She already applied to the Coast Guard Academy the second the application was available.  The Coast Guard Academy had 5 essays plus a number of references and other required material so she was on that as fast as she could.  The Coast Guard Academy is her number one choice and she truly could not have been more prompt in getting that application submitted.  Today was the day for all the other colleges she is interested in.  I was the official application fee provider, the spell checker, the fact finder and the cheerleader. I provided snacks which were essential for morale.  I am really tired now.  We started at 3:00 and JUST finished and it is after 11:00pm.  I did more sitting and waiting than anything. Everytime I got up to water the puppies or let them out she eagerly awaited my return. My daughter just liked having me nearby because this was a big moment. Probably one of the biggest really.  These applications are the precursor to her future destiny.  As of 11:06pm, Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 all her applications are complete.  All the essays have been written.  Everything that was asked for has been submitted. My daughter said that a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders and now it is up to fate as to which direction she will go in the fall. Even though my back is slightly killing me from sitting all day, it was actually a pretty fun day.  I loved reading the essays she has been working on.  I think they are really great and a couple of them are outstanding. I got goosebumps reading them.  I hope the admissions officers like them as much as I do! She worked hard on them and I think they really reflect just who she is.  Now that the applications are finished, the only thing left to do is to stalk the mail carrier! We should hear back from the majority of the colleges before Christmas so from now until then, I shall be at the end of the driveway eagerly awaiting the mail delivery.  I will try to act totally cool though.  Like - "Oh Hi. I just walked out here. How lucky to run into you" or "I didn't want you to over extend yourself reaching into our mailbox" or "Looks like rain. Thought I would just bring this mail in before the bad weather arrives" or even "I was just making sure our address sign was visible from the road."  Those all seem ultra non-chalant don't they?  I mean I would never RUN down the driveway yelling "IS THERE AN ACCEPTANCE LETTER IN YOUR PILE TODAY!???!!!!!" See?  I am a really cool mom.  My mail carrier will never suspect a thing!

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