Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh Atlanta

We are here!  My daughter and I arrived at the airport right on time but our plane was late leaving as it was oversold.  We were on the runway for quite some time as the flight attendants began checking almost every carry-on bag at the door to the airplane. My carry-on was one of the casualties and was not allowed on board.  Instead of just gate checking the bags - everyone's bags became actual checked luggage and had to be picked up at the baggage claim.  There were a number of very unhappy passengers. Some had connecting flights and had to trust that their once carry-on bag would arrive at their final destination.  They couldn't even have it back for their next leg. The flight attendants had to deal with a bit of an angry mob. I was a little worried as I had my laptop in my bag but it made it here just fine. Once we got our luggage we bravely headed towards MARTA and took the subway.  We found which lines to take, made our transfers and got to our hotel with no problem. It was very efficient and the total cost for 2 people was $5.00.  How AWESOME! We are definitely taking the MARTA back to the airport.  It was easy and with the money we saved - we ended up being able to go out to eat dinner tonight. We ordered several appetizers and had a lovely variety of delicious dishes.  My favorite.....FRIED GREEN TOMATOES! :)  I just love those! Tomorrow morning we are off to the aquarium.  I am going to do something tonight that I never ever get to do! Go to bed early!!!!  I am NOT going to let out the doggies and puppies at midnight.  I am NOT going to clean up puppy poop. I am NOT going to listen to the puppies say, "ARE YOU GOING TO BED WITHOUT US??? WE misssssssssssssssss you!!!!"  I am NOT going to get out of bed at the crack of dawn to clean more puppy poop.  I AM going to crawl into bed and then pull the covers up and then close my eyes and then sleeeeeeeeeeep all the way until MORNING.  Ahhhhhhhh I feel sleepy happiness. I hope Mr. Yesteryear Acres enjoys having the bed all to himself tonight....well almost all to himself.  He is sure to have several doggies in there to keep him company! 

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