Sunday, October 10, 2010

Summer Fun in October

We made the most out of our Sunday today and it felt just like a perfect summer day ---- even though it is October.  First the weather was absolutely terrific.  Warm blue sunny skies and a delightful breeze made the day even better.  The puppies had a blast outside today and we all spent a lot of time enjoying the great day.  I have some really good shots of the puppies and can't wait to update the website tomorrow morning.  The puppies have really grown and are once again SO cute!  I mean look at this face:
All 14 of Belle's puppies are just teddy bear cute.  I love that!!!! After all the puppy pictures were taken we decided to do one of our very favorite summertime activities and we made 2 batches of homemade ice cream.  The first batch was homemade cookies and cream. Mmmmmm.  It was just the right blend of oreos to vanilla ice cream.  Our next batch is my absolute favorite favorite favorite flavor that we make - maraschino cherry chocolate chunk. I could eat that every day!  We ended up with 10 quarts of ice cream and we definitely looked forward to our dessert tonight.  Our neighbor, Wilma, just loves ice cream so we invited her over for dinner tonight.  We also invited her grandson which made the evening even more enjoyable.  He is a senior at OSU majoring in engineering and is a really nice person.  My kids adore him and we all spent our dinner laughing and smiling and then laughing some more.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres put a 22lb turkey in the oven earlier today so we had a big delightful feast for dinner.  Once we licked our plates and bowls clean, we all headed out to the pond area. Mr. Yesteryear Acres had a beautiful campfire going and we added the special pinecones that my sister sent to us.  We had a kaleidescope of brilliant colors to enjoy for hours.  The stars were all out as well and the evening couldn't have been any nicer.  I am fairly certain that nothing tops a lovely October summer day.  Ice Cream and Campfires just make for a perfect evening.  I am so glad we were able to share our evening with Wilma and her grandson.  Evenings like these were meant to be shared with the ones you love.

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