Saturday, October 16, 2010

Labradoodle Breeder Conference

I sat on my butt all day today. I mean ALL DAY LONG.  I never sit down all day.  It was actually hard to stay awake because I am so used to running around and taking care of puppies and taking care of dogs and just sitting still in one place for the entire day was totally out of character.  Our breakfast meeting started at 8:00am and breakfast was actually really good.  That had to have been the best bacon I ever had at a hotel.  It was flat and crisp and full of flavor.  I had several pieces of bacon and still was dreaming about having more.  It was that good. The hot biscuits were pretty good too! After breakfast the all day seminar began.  It was okay - but just having one speaker for the whole day made for a very long drawn out event.  The coffee was all gone by 10:00am.  I think all of us were longing for another cup.  I kept looking at the door and hoping someone would refill the decanter but no such luck. No more coffee came. *sigh* We covered a lot of topics during the seminar. I think we talked about everything from prenatal care to properly socializing a 6 month old puppy.  It was nice to see that I already do almost all the techniques mentioned today.  I felt pretty good to know that our little puppies have been raised with just the right mix of love, stimulation, socialization and training. We watched videos, talked about the different options on how to raise young pups and had a few healthy discussions concerning the responsibilities of being a good breeder. By the time 6:30pm rolled around, I was beyond tired.  The entire last hour I think I yawned every 30 seconds.  I was done.  My daughter was done.  I think all the breeders were done too. I know my back was killing me from sitting in the conference chair for 10.5 hours. I was glad when the day's events were called to an end.  My daughter and I and another labradoodle breeder went to dinner as soon as the seminar was over and that was a lot of fun.  We talked about all the things we do each and every day and it was nice talking to someone else who cleans up as much puppy poop as I do.  Tomorrow we start again at 8:00am.  The conference should end just in time to get our things and catch the MARTA back to the airport.  I'll be glad to get back home again. 

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