Sunday, October 31, 2010

What a surprise --- we are late

Have I mentioned that Mr. Yesteryear Acres is a wonderful husband? He really is.  He brings in my groceries every time I go to the store.  He puts gas in my car whenever I am running low. He is the best handyman in the entire world and can fix EVERYTHING.  He makes me coffee every morning just the way I like it. He makes me laugh each and every day. He is the very best father in the whole world and he works harder than everyone. I know I am very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and best friend.  I know I should never ever complain about my dear darling beloved husband.  I know I should NOT write in my blog that my dear darling beloved husband has a tendency to have absolutely NO idea what time it is.  I should NOT write that my dear darling beloved husband is ALWAYS and I do mean ALWAYS late. Now granted - Mr. Yesteryear Acres is ALWAYS busy.  He is never late because he was watching his favorite TV show or talking on the phone or hanging out with friends or drinking a beer or what have you.  He is always late because he is working on that one last thing or getting the puppies situated just right or working with one of the doggies or mowing that one last patch of grass.  He is in the garden, in the barn, working on a tractor, fixing a car, installing a whatchamacalit or repairing a hooziewhatzit. He just works right up until the time we are supposed to be leaving and despite the fact that for the last 3 hours, I will have given him quarterly updates as to the ACTUAL time - we are still late.  Sometimes I tell him we have to leave at 1:00 when we really don't have to leave until 2:30 and then.......yes ..... we are still late. I used to get really upset as I am definitely and wholeheartedly a Type A person.  If you would like me somewhere at 2:30 - then I am there no later than 2:15.  It is hard to be married to someone who thinks 2:30 means 4:00.  I have in my later years, decided it wasn't worth getting upset about the lateness because I SHOULD KNOW BETTER.  I mean - honestly - if you are married for over 23 years and you are NEVER on time - I think you give up the right to be shocked and/or disappointed when you are late. Inwardly, I still wish that he would be on time - but outwardly I keep it together and let everyone know we are running a little behind.  His side of the family is always particularly good about the fact we are late. Do you know why? Because they are always late too.  It is a signature family trait.  I really have no hope of it ever getting better.  If you notice the time - it is now 12:45am in the morning.  We have a project that needs to be done by tomorrow. Do you think we are done? Nope! Do you think I will be going to sleep any time soon? Nope! Do you think in the end I will remember that I had to stay up all night helping Mr. Yesteryear Acres finish? Nope! You know why?  Well it is simple. I love my grocery toting, doggie loving, farm gardening, coffee making, appliance repairing, wife loving husband of mine.  Even when he is late.

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