Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today's Blog is brought to you by the letter K

Today is my sister's birthday and so as promised, I gave her the best gift in the whole entire world....the letter K. Yes for her 40th birthday she can delight in the glorious gift of the letter K. I called her first thing this morning so she would be sure to get an entire day of joy from my gift. I am just so thoughtful.  Dear Sister - in case you didn't know - you are the best sister in the whole world.  You cheer me up when I am blue. You believe in me when I am in doubt. You laugh at my jokes. You confide in me your deepest secrets as I confide in you. We are two peas in a pod. Despite the fact that 5 years separate us in age - we are TWINS. You know everything about me and love me. I know everything about you and love you. Our bond will never be broken. Heaven help anyone that tries to get between me and my sister and more importantly, Heaven help anyone that tries to play against us in a game of Pictionary or Taboo.  They will most certainly lose by the widest of margins. I can draw a straight line and immediately my sister will know I am drawing a path in the woods.  I can say "summer camp" and my sister will know the answer is "Kool-Aid". We are unbeatable in any game where we are on the same team. Sadly, most everyone knows this and will insist that we be split up - but every once in a while we get to combine forces and honestly - there is no match. We were each other's very best friend growing up and remain as close as we did when we were kids.  So here is to my sister! 
Happy Birthday to the best sister. I love ya!

Hope your day was AWESOME!

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