Friday, October 15, 2010

Aquarium Fun

Well we did it! We stayed at the aquarium ALLLLL day long.  We were there when it opened and were still there when the aquarium was closing.  We saw every fish, crab, bird, snake, frog, plankton, ray, shrimp, jelly fish, otter, whale that was there to see.  My daughter was in absolute heaven and loved every single second.  Her face hurt from smiling so much.  We had a terrific time and the whale shark exhibit was amazing!  They had HUGE whale sharks in a HUGE tank swimming around with tons of other schools of fish.  It was incredible.  Here are a couple of pictures from the day:
We actually both climbed through the acrylic tube so we could visit the penguins.

See?  So worth the long crawl through the tube. Hello Penguin!

The Manta Rays were so graceful and fun to watch.

See the huge black tipped shark at the bottom right of the picture?  See the WHALE shark at the top? IT IS HUGE!  That was an amazing creature to see!

Got Grouper?

Caribbean Reef Tank

My daughter and a Whale Shark above. We watched them for the longest time.  It was awesome!!!!
After the day at the aquarium we met up with all the breeders for "dinner" and conversation.  We were at a fancy bar/bistro and the "hamburgers" were SOOOOOO small.  Really.  We were all laughing because they were the size of thumb tacks.  We were impressed that someone could actually make hamburgers that tiny.  They would fit on a tea set for little dolls and the little dolls would still be hungry!  I think most everyone left this evening pretty hungry. Tomorrow night we have made it our mission to go to a real restaurant with real food.  We spent all night laughing and talking about business and dogs and puppies and it was a blast. It was great to catch up with all the breeders.  Tomorrow we are in seminars all day and hopefully will learn some great tips in raising superstar doggies! 
ps.....Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres....I just wanted to let you know that EVEN though your daughter has many many stuffed animals in her room and EVEN though you would never ever approve of bringing home yet another stuffed animal.........
"Ralph" followed us home.

 We asked him not to.  We told him that you wouldn't want him to live with us but he insisted.  He is a very sneaky whale shark and when we turned around - THERE HE WAS.  We had no choice but to invite him to stay. Good night Ralph.

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