Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's Chase Butterflies!

We have 6 puppies out of Belle's litter of 14 that are still available. They are 8.5 weeks old and are getting bigger every day. I am now to the point where I can only carry one or two pups at a time out the door every time they need to go to the bathroom.  I made many many trips outside today.  I suppose I should be grateful for the lovely weather as I didn't have to lug the puppies out the door into a snowstorm or thunderstorm. It was perfectly pleasant out and I tried to take note of just how pretty it was each and every time I went outside.  In case you were wondering, I took many notes.  In case you were still wondering - that meant that every time I came inside - a puppy needed to go outside. Every time I went outside - a puppy wanted back inside.  Evidently since their attempts at wooing me with the pathetic, "We won't eat unless you make us a roasted chicken" look was not working any longer - they all came up with an alternative plan.  I am not naming names.....Double Doodle Puppy...but I clearly saw you tell the others, "watch THIS!" as you whimpered to go outside. Then the others all were SO impressed with my quick action to take you outside, they followed suit.  Now this all would be quite fine if each time the puppies were whimpering they actually had to GO to the bathroom. But nope.  They were pretty much empty and thought it would be a blast to go chase butterflies and look at the clouds in the skies and play fetch with all the leaves around the yard.  Since I made so many trips in and out today, I brought my camera with me and spent a couple of hours getting new pictures.  The puppies are right at the age where the LAST thing they want to do is sit still for a picture. The second I put them down, they just ran right into my lap. I kept trying to keep the pups at an arms distance so I could take their pictures but nothing would stop their determination to run into my lap and start giving me kisses on the chin. I might have achieved my all time record in pictures of tails and ears.  Luckily Mr. Yesteryear Acres saw my pathetic attempts at solo photography and came to help. That made things so much better.  We ended up with some really great individual pictures of all the puppies. Each puppy now has their own portfolio of 4 great shots.  The rest of the day - in between running in and out of course - I spent uploading the photos to the website.  Hopefully I will have tons of people fall head over heels in love and the puppies will soon be off to their new homes. They are a lovable bunch and are sure to bring much happiness to their new families.

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