Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gold Star

Today I was out the door by 7:30am and drove my son almost all the way to Columbus to meet the bus for his shadowing program.  Our school sponsors a career based program for 7th and 8th graders where students get to choose a career path and/or interest and then shadow a professional for the day. My son chose veterinary science and got to spend the day at The Ohio State University Veterinary School.  It was a great opportunity and he really enjoyed the day. As soon as he got on the bus, I was off to my in-laws house.  I helped my father-in-law with his computer and then tried to help him fix his satellite TV. Yesterday's wind storm really threw his dish out of alignment and there was nothing I could do.  I let him know that if the problem requires a ladder, I am not the person to call.  I only can troubleshoot software issues.  He was forced to call a technician who hopefully will have it all fixed by Friday afternoon.  With so many people out of electricity and the wide path of destruction left by the storm, one misaligned satellite dish is pretty lucky.  I said my good-byes and headed straight for Walmart where I filled my cart with everything from the smallest travel-size toothpastes to giant 5lb tubs of peanut butter. You have got to love a store that has everything.  The puppies got some more yogurt and a couple of new toys and 2 new combs. Check, Check, and Check. My list was finally getting smaller.  Then I was off to Sam's Club where once again, my cart was filled to the brim. This time of course everything was giant size.  10 gallons of milk, 35 bottles of water, 50 bags of snack size lunch chips, huge bags of lettuce, carrots, avocados, bottles of salad dressing, etc.  I made good use of my cart and left not one single inch bare. My SUV was loaded and my list was almost completely scratched off. I even filled the SUV up with gas. I think I get a Gold Star for the day! I also worked with the puppies, found a great home for our last double doodle puppy, made a delicious dinner, did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen and backed up all my computer files. I am hoping that tonight I can finish up all the work that is left on my list and then treat myself to an episode of Survivor.  I heard one of the puppies ask me to watch it with her, so I can't really let the puppy down.  Evidently she has been looking forward to watching it all day long.  Little Black Collar puppy.....I am coming to get you.  Jeff Probst is waiting for us!

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