Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Day of the Conference

Today's agenda was more of a roundtable discussion where everyone contributed helpful hints, ideas, plans and schedules that really work for their program. It was great to hear all the different products and ideas that other breeders use.  The morning just flew by as the discussions were quite animated and lively.  It was a lot of fun as we all learned some new things and it was nice to just sit and share stories and tips we have gathered over the years. I think it was everyone's very favorite part of the entire conference. 
Here's the group photo - (we are missing just a few breeders in the shot)

And here is my favorite conference attendee

After the conference concluded, my daughter and I just had one hour to spare so we ran (literally) over to The World of Coca Cola. 

We bought our tickets and skipped the movie and headed straight to the displays. We saw coca-cola memorabilia from the beginnings of Coca-Cola until the present day.  We watched commercials from around the world which was really cool. The best part of the Coca-Cola tour was the room that had different Coca-Cola products from around the world.  Some of the drinks were pretty good and some were just plain AWFUL.  I am sorry but I will NEVER EVER drink "Beverly" from Italy.  YUCK!  I about choked on that one.  "Pine-Nut" from Africa was surprisingly good as was "Bilbo". "Inca Kola" from Peru and "Simba" from Paraguay were so sickeningly sweet I thought I would get instant cavities from just one sip.  At the end of the tour we each got a souvenir Coca-Cola in an 8oz glass bottle.  We could have stayed much longer but we were really glad we got to do as much as we did.  It was really fun.  The ride home was fairly uneventful.  We made a quick detour through Centennial Park aka Olympic Park

We then navigated MARTA and rode the subway back to the airport with no problem.  Everything made it back safely home: our luggage, our doggie biscuits from the conference, our coca-cola bottles and yes, even Ralph made it home safe and sound.

Home Sweet Home!!!!

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