Saturday, October 23, 2010


We had lots of company here today so the puppies were happy happy happy all day long.  They got to show off their very best "WE ARE SO CUTE" looks and got tons of attention from everyone.  I was pretty much outside from 10am this morning until now. We ended up with a few puppies being chosen and going to their new homes.  It was fun to help families decide on just which puppy was the right puppy for them.  The puppies did their part to make the decisions unbearably difficult.  Just when someone would finally decide on a certain puppy - another puppy would make a last attempt to woo them over to their side.  For instance - if pink collar girl was the likely candidate to go home to her brand new family, why then lime green collar boy would just come right over and kiss and bat his eyelashes and give a pathetic "don't you LOVE me?" look and the whole process would start all over again. All the puppies were giving their very best performance in the "I am SOOOOO cute" category.  The weather was pretty nice so the puppies were in heaven playing, running, showing off while everyone went  "ooooh and ahhhhhh" all day long. While I was busy outside with the puppies - can you believe that the 2 football games that I wanted to watch went on without me?  Both Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!) and the Naval Academy had football games that started at noon today.  I pretty much missed both games but I did catch a glimpse here and there. I love to watch the Buckeyes play football and I love to watch the Navy midshipman play as well.  However, I don't watch the games in the same way. With the Buckeyes, I actually watch the game.  I cheer them on. I yell, "GO BUCKS!" and all of that jazz.  With the Navy games I definitely cheer on my midshipmen BUT what REALLY interests me are all the shots of the crowd. I am forever freezing the picture when the camera turns to film the midshipmen at the game.  Every single time I watch a Navy football game, I am convinced that I have found my daughter.  I make EVERYONE run into the living room while I have the picture frozen and say, "THERE SHE IS!"  Then I will text my daughter and ask her if she is sitting next to this guy, or the band, or the banner, or the aisle way etc.  Every single time - she answers NO.  I then always say, "Are you sure? Because I know I just saw you sitting right near the (fill in the blank)"   "NO MOM! THAT IS NOT ME!" is what I always get back in response.  Of course that doesn't stop me from fast forwarding through the game and then pausing at every single shot of the crowd, desperately looking for my daughter.  It is a game we play wherein I always lose.  You might wonder how I cannot recognize my very own daughter. Well the answer is simple - they are all DRESSED ALIKE!  They are in dress uniform with a hat on their head and you get a 1 second glimpse of a portion of a face in a sea of look-a-likes.  It is actually really difficult.  We Navy parents like to call it "Where's Waldo".  I mean in the real "Where's Waldo" Waldo is wearing a bright striped shirt, scarf and hat and looks NOTHING like the crowd.  In the Navy "Where's Waldo" game, they are either dressed all in white or all in dark blue and they all look the same! So today while I was watching the Navy game, I SAW MY WALDO!  THERE SHE IS!  And when I asked my daughter if she was standing near the bright blue "Don't Give Up the Ship" sign.......SHE SAID YES!  So I really found her!  Best football game ever!  And in case you were wondering - Navy won!  They beat Notre Dame!  The Naval Academy was so proud -they granted the brigade an overnight.  I am fairly certain that all the midshipmen agree - best game ever! I hope the mids have a great evening.  They deserve it! Go Navy!

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