Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Orange Juice Snob

I LOVE Orange juice. Love love love it.  I could drink probably 1/2 gallon of orange juice each and every day of the year.  I could never be too full or too tired or choose a better beverage.  Now here is the catch - I ONLY like fresh squeezed orange juice. And by fresh squeezed - I really mean FRESH squeezed. I don't like orange juice from concentrate.  I don't like orange juice that is "fresh" but then bottled and pasteurized.  I don't even like orange juice that was fresh squeezed the night before or hours and hours before served.  I confess.....I am an orange juice snob. I wish it weren't true. I wish I loved Orange Juice that is sold in grocery stores.  I wish that I thought all orange juice tastes alike.  With the smallest of sips, I know immediately if the orange juice is really fresh squeezed or not. Whenever I go to a restaurant and read "Fresh Squeezed" Orange Juice on the menu, I have to ask if it is really truly fresh squeezed. The reply is almost always, "Why of course".  Then I get SUPER EXCITED and order the largest glass possible (with no ice) and wait for my heavenly nectar.  About 80% of the time, the glass I receive is not fresh squeezed.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres will always say, "but it tastes good" and I sadly disagree and give him my glass to drink. He loves all orange juice and is always happy to have a second glass of juice. If I ask the waiter about the juice I usually find out that the juice has to be "Fresh Squeezed" because it says so right on the label.  Or I find out something along the lines of, "well it had to be fresh squeezed sometime."  *sigh*  I always feel totally bummed out because every single time I get my hopes up for my favorite drink.  Today I went out to lunch with my mom and do you know what? The restaurant had "Fresh Squeezed" Orange Juice on the menu. I was of course so excited and asked if it was really fresh squeezed and they said yes and then SHOWED me the oranges they were going to use.  Oh I was SO happy!!!!  In about 5 minutes I got a BIG glass of FRESH SQUEEZED orange juice and it was SO delicious.  I savored every single sip.  Just writing about the juice makes my mouth water all over again.  I think it might be necessary to have lunch with my mom every week.  I think I will come up with some creative excuse as to why I must drive an hour to her work and then say how the drive just made me SO parched and whatever will I do?  My mom, who loves me very much, will never want me to dehydrate right before her very eyes and will definitely suggest getting a beverage of some type before I perish right on the spot.  Then I will casually suggest that we could go to the little cafe next to the bookstore and perhaps get a glass of juice. OR maybe I should do a little coughing and say I think I might be coming down with the flu and I think I need some vitamin C right away! Moms can not ignore the "I am sick" thing.  They have to swing into action and save the day. Yes, yes, I think my plan sounds perfect.  I wonder if tomorrow is too soon?  *cough cough*  I am almost certain I am coming down with something. I need JUICE!

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