Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maybe it is how I phrase the questions?

On the way home from cross-country practice this afternoon, I realized that my son ACTUALLY knows how to tell someone how his day went.  For some unknown reason my son only responds with mono-syllabic answers to my very long and enthusiastic questions. A typical afternoon's conversation goes something like this: "How was school?" I ask this every day in the hopes that one day I might find out something interesting.  I am the eternal optimist you know.  His response is always something like "good" "fine" "same as yesterday".  The answer to "how was lunch, how was cross-country practice, how are your friends, how was French, how was the bus ride, how is Algebra?" is again greeted with the same flat response, "good".  I once read that most parents of boys who are midshipman at the Naval Academy get the following repartee from their sons: "I made it to the Academy" Which is followed several years later by "I almost forgot, Parent's weekend is tomorrow."  And then finally the coup de grace, "I graduate this weekend."  I actually believe this is true. I sometimes will have other parents email me for information because they can't get any news from their sons.  My daughter is quite thoughtful and emails me whenever she can.  I fear that when my son is finally on his way to college I will be informed of only 2 things - he arrived and he is graduating. *sigh*  So today when I picked up my son from cross country practice and asked him how it went, he started to say "fine" but just at that exact moment my phone rang and it was my older daughter.  I put her on speaker phone (because I was driving and everyone knows you have to have 2 hands on the wheel....thank you Mr. Yesteryear Acres) and when she said hi to her brother - well the floodgates opened.  He talked all the way home. He hardly took a breath.  He filled her in on every single detail about his cross country season. My daughter also ran cross country so apparently they share some bond that I will never be a part of and they just chatted and chatted and chatted all the way home. I never got a word in edgewise and secretly loved every moment. I never knew so many interesting things happened at practice.  I also learned what was going on at school. Evidently the answer to what did you do today in Algebra is NOT "nothing".  They DO things at school.  Gee - this entire school year my son almost had me convinced that they actually did "nothing" in each and every class.  I guess I will have to have my daughter call home every few weeks, at the exact time when I am in the car with my son - and suddenly I will be in the know!!!!!! Genius plan!!!! Until then, I guess life will be good, fine, okay and I already told you.

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  1. Hey GF - you hit the nail on the head. I have two boys and rarely get details from Jamie. Thank goodness for his sweet GF -- otherwise I would be totally clueless. Fortunately, for me she gives me info, details and keeps me in the loop. As for the younger son (sigh)... still working on him. :-)


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