Friday, January 28, 2011


18 years ago my sweet daughter Amelia was born.  She made our older daughter a big sister, our family a party of four, and the love in my heart double instantly. In her 18 years on the planet Amelia has brought me nothing but joy and happiness.  Honestly. She is the most affectionate, kindest, caring, thoughtful, honest, devoted, and loving person I know.  She cares about the earth, the environment, the oceans, humanity, her family and all creatures great and small. On her birthdays Amelia always asked if all her birthday presents could go to the shelters to help the homeless doggies and kitties. She thinks about those less fortunate and always sees the good in everyone. She has been a lover of the water (and part mermaid) since she was a little baby and hopes to pursue her dreams of becoming a marine biologist or marine mammologist. Today could potentially be the last birthday she celebrates at home as next year she will be away at college and then onto bigger and brighter aspirations. We started the morning off with her favorite homemade cappuccino chocolate chip muffins and a big glass of fresh squeezed orange juice served in the traditional "Happy Birthday" mug.  While she was at school we decorated the house and got all her cards and presents lined up for when she walked in the door.  We only had a short time before she was off for her big home swim meet.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I are leaving for the meet in just a few minutes as tonight is "Senior Night" and we have to walk her down the swimming pool walkway. *sniff sniff*  It will be hard to not be teary tonight.  Her birthday, growing up, senior night, last home swim meet ever, last birthday at home, last daughter to leave the nest. I know the future holds more wonderful things for us, but it is hard to say good-bye to the way things are now.  Last night I tucked her in. Just as I do every night before her birthday. We always make sure to say good-bye to each passing year right before bedtime. Last night I said, "Tonight is the last time I will ever say good-night and tuck you in as a 17 year old. Tomorrow you will officially be an "adult" and have the right to vote and be ready for college and great adventures will await you."  I think tonight I might just tuck her in again.  I think I will say, "Tonight is the first night I will tuck you in as an 18 year old".....and then tomorrow night can be the second night and then the next night can be the third night and so on and so on.  I think that is a good plan. Happy Birthday Amelia! I love you!

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