Thursday, January 13, 2011

And each one is unique

This afternoon Mr. Yesteryear Acres called me outside to see the snowflakes falling from the sky.  They were falling in perfect crystals.  Every flake was picture perfect - displaying all the elegance and unique qualities of each beautiful snowflake. I love it when that happens.  I love to catch the snowflakes on my mitten and admire each individual snowflake.  I love to look around and see how all the unique snowflakes contribute to the beauty of the landscape.  Each one is special and extraordinary and together they blanket the earth in white sparkly beauty.
They reminded me of the paper snowflakes my children made with construction paper and a pair of scissors.  They would fold the paper into small sections and then cut out intricate shapes and patterns and when they opened the paper, a beautiful snowflake appeared.  Each one was different and they were all splendid. My children are like that. Each child is different and unique. They each bring something uniquely wonderful to this world and when I have all my children together, my world is blanketed in the most lovely landscape imaginable. As I watched the snowflakes fall, I was glad I took time out to appreciate Nature's wonders.
I thought about how the beauty and uniqueness found inside each snowflake is like the beauty and uniqueness in all of us. 

What if we all stopped to appreciate what is all around us every day? If we stopped what we were doing and listened and thought about all we have been blessed with. If we look up towards the skies with the eyes of a child and smile at all we see. What if we put all our unique qualities together and blanket our earth with an endless sparkly beauty.  It just takes one moment to stop and be thankful. Snowflake moments can happen every day. Just step outside.

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