Saturday, January 29, 2011


Can you hear the laughter?  Are you sure you can't hear it? Because my living room is filled to the brim with teenagers and all we can hear is giggle, giggle, giggle. Every now and then my son gives me a look that says, "WHAT can be THAT funny?"  I told him that is the sound of an 18 year old girl's birthday party.  It is supposed to sound that way.  He begs to differ but alas - he is banished from the party and must suffer listening to all the giggling in the next room. I prepared a feast for the party.  We have a big taco bar - complete with taco shells, burritos, chips, salsa, taco salad, homemade guacamole, nacho cheese sauce and all the fixings.  Later we are having a brownie sundae bar and I am expecting massive mounds of caramel and chocolate sauce to quickly disappear. You have to love a party where a bunch of teenagers are happily watching "Despicable Me".  Everyone loves the "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" part the best.  It is particularly fun to watch here because all the fluffy puppies are watching the movie with them so "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" is right in the room with them. I believe later they will progress to an action flick but for now, "IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GOING TO DIE" rules the room. The puppies are very glad they were invited.  I don't know who is happier - the puppies - or the humans.  I am glad everything is going so well.  The hard part will be staying awake until the party ends at midnight.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres, my son and I are all stuck in the kitchen for the night. We will have to sit on bar stools and hang out there for the next 3 hours. My greatest fear is that they will find something to watch on the Farm Channel or Fishing Channel and I will be stuck out there listening endlessly to how this engine or that lever or that stream is marvelous. They can watch that kind of thing for hours. I might sneak out and hide in the bedroom with a good book.  I am fairly certain, they won't notice - well not until it is time to refill the sundae bar..... then I am sure I will be hearing, "We need more mini M&Ms and marshmallows!" Good thing I bought a truckload.  It looks like we are going to need it!

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