Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pajamas and Tea

My head is so full and I cannot breathe. I have gone through loads and loads of tissues. I feel sorry for all the trees that have been sacrificed for my poor pathetic nose. It is so sore and raw. Last night I propped up all the pillows on my bed and slept with a large pile of tissues and a trash can by my side. My eyes are running non-stop and I look like I have been watching depressing movies all day. I am not sick though. I refuse to admit defeat. I am perfectly healthy. I will still get dinner on the table on time. I will still have all the puppies cared for and watered and fed and loved. I will still wear a smile and spend time with my older daughter as if I am the healthiest person on the planet. I am fairly certain I am fooling everyone. I do not at all sound like I have a balloon in my throat and the tissues plastered under my nose do not in any way indicate that I may not be 100% well. I can pretend that I have been watching Hallmark commercials and that is why my eyes are watery. It is a perfect plan. No one will ever suspect a thing. No one except maybe the person who discovers the trash can overflowing with tissues and the thermometer by my side and the fact I am still in my pajamas drinking tea. Maybe I should go get dressed. Maybe I should make something other than chicken noodle soup for dinner. Maybe I should......just find a nice soft blanky and sit down for just a minute. Just one short minute. With a blanky. And tea. With honey. And maybe a movie.  After all that is perfectly normal behavior for healthy people! Achoo!

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