Saturday, January 22, 2011

C c c c o l d!

Brrrrrrrrr! I am a Popsicle. I am a frozen human blizzard cup. I am so cold my teeth are chattering and my nose is running and I think ice cubes are falling off of me as I walk. Am I in Ohio where it is a whopping negative -18* ??? No, of course not! I am in ........FLORIDA! I am in Florida and I am frozen! And every time I mention that I am cold someone around me will say, "aren't you from Ohio??? You should be used to the cold!" Well, I am from Ohio but that does not make me less cold when it is 50* outside and the wind is REALLY blowing and I have summer clothes on and it is 20* below my comfort zone. It is so cold in fact that I am my hotel room. My mom and I went to Universal Studios for our last hurrah. We ended up leaving early because we were both walking icicles. We just couldn't stop shivering. We did however cover a lot of ground while we were there. My mom HATES roller coasters. She hates anything that spins or goes upside down, or is fast, or on a slant, or shakes or quakes or sprays water. You can see that our choices were very narrow at the parks. I kept saying, "Come on! You might like it if you try it!". My mom kept saying NO she would not. So we walked by many attractions but I did get her to go on Twister and Disaster and a few others.  She did NOT NOT NOT like Men in Black but quickly forgave me for talking her into it. I only left my mom's side ONE time. I decided I wanted to go on the Incredible Hulk coaster. I let my mom know that I would be RIGHT back and ran to go on the ride. Well lets just say, that ride is FAST. VERY fast and I was counting the seconds until it was over when.....WHAM! The ride came to a complete and sudden screeching stop while we were on an angular area of the track. Dead stop. I wasn't too happy and then I really wasn't happy when I began to worry that the other car would run into us from behind. It didn't but there we sat mid-ride for about 10 minutes while maintenance came to do repair work. We couldn't get out of our very tightly fitting harnesses and the breeze was quite cold. After that ......we decided that we had enough "adventure" for the day. We left the park with hours left to spare and are now under blankets and blankets and more blankets and are not moving for the rest of the night. It is the very newest and greatest theme park ride. It is called "The Hibernation" and we are not coming out until winter is over!!!!!

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