Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Hour Snooze

Well we didn't quite get enough snow for an official snow day.  We did the snow dance and everything but alas the snow removal street cleaning crew did a most excellent job and the roads were fairly clear by this morning.  The only thing we managed to eek out of this winter storm was a one hour delay for school. I have to say - it was very welcome - and the snooze button was promptly pushed for a glorious 60 additional minutes of sleep. The kids made it to school safely and we were all blessed by pretty snowflakes falling from the sky for most of the day. I had a huge list of things to get done today but for some reason everything took longer than I had hoped and I didn't get nearly the amount of work accomplished today as I had hoped. I could blame my sister....because she kept interrupting my work with instant messaging. I am not saying that I didn't want to talk to her.  I am not saying that chatting to her about clearance sales, and which pajamas are the softest, or what movies are out this week, or how nice her organized DVD shelves look wasn't fun. I am just saying that she is so much fun that I kept chatting to her instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing.  Did I make it to the bank today? No. Did I get my refrigerator cleaned out? No.  Did I get the laundry all finished? No. Did I notice in my sister's picture that she emailed me of her new organized DVD shelf, that she messed up on a section of her movies and the movies from Babel to God's and Generals were in the wrong order? OH YES! I got THAT done today! Maybe I am being too hard on myself.  I mean that is a huge accomplishment.  How many sisters would take the time to REALLY look at an emailed picture of DVDS and notice some out of order? Well I can think of 2. Me...and my sister.  One time I emailed her a picture of my VERY AMAZING BEAUTIFUL wall of DVDs and she noticed I put one of the Pirates of the Caribbean in the wrong chronological order. EGADS! What was I thinking? Thank goodness my sister and I both work so hard. Can you imagine the devastation if we weren't both so dedicated? I suppose tomorrow I will put more effort into getting things crossed off my list.  There isn't a chance for a snow day so I will wake up raring to go. I will not look at very nice pajamas that are on clearance.  I will not scrutinize DVD genre organization pictures. I will not procrastinate at all....I mean that is AFTER I have my morning coffee, and play a scrabble word, and text my daughter. THEN I will get busy.  Good plan.  I am ready!

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