Saturday, January 15, 2011

One on One

Is there anything better than one-on-one time? Time that you get to spend just with one other person. When you don't have to work so hard to make everyone in the room feel better but instead can simply focus on one person. To just think about what they like or don't like. To just think about the things you like to do together and to sit and talk and get caught up in the moment of being together.  I love one on one time.  I love to have one on one time with my husband. We seldom have that together but when we do, it is heaven. I love the stillness of being with him and the comfort he brings to my very soul.  I love spending one on one time with my children. I love just listening to what is going on in their life and to totally immerse myself into their existence. I love the feeling I get when my attention isn't torn by the distractions of every day life and I can just be in that moment. Spending one on one time is one of my favorite luxuries in life. This week, I get to spend one on one time with my mom. Just the two of us.  We have left our loved ones behind and are spending an entire week together. We are going to read books together. Go out to eat together. Play games together. Sit together, walk together, and maybe even go out dancing together. Most importantly ....we are going to spend the week laughing together. We love each other's company. We make each other laugh to the depths of our very being. Sometimes we laugh so hard that the tears roll down our faces so quickly that we need mountains of tissues to dry the streams of happiness.  I feel so very lucky to be able to spend the week with my mom. I know so many people that would give anything to just spend one day with their mom and I do not take my time with her for granted. I cherish every minute. My mom is a vibrant, happy, glass is always full, life is great, appreciative soul, and I love that. I will miss my family back home but I know that Mr. Yesteryear Acres will take care of everything and everyone just like he always does. I am so very lucky to him in my life. Without his thoughtfulness, I could never take the time to be with my mom. I will still be checking in with my emails every day, but I might be a little slow in responding, so if I am a little late, I apologize. I probably will be off somewhere laughing and smiling and having the very best time with my mommy. Who could ask for anything more?

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