Monday, January 31, 2011

Come On Nature

I am quite a fan of the Proclaimers. They are a singing duo from Scotland and their songs are really fun to sing to.  Their song "500 Miles" is the ringtone for Mr. Yesteryear Acres. Whenever he calls I hear the Proclaimers sing, "and I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more..." It suits Mr. Yesteyear Acres perfectly. Well I am thinking I should change my default ringtone to the Proclaimer's song "Come On Nature". I mean WHAT is up with the weather???  Tonight starts an epic winter storm that will move across the nation. 33 states are going to be affected by the storm. The evening news tonight said it will be the biggest winter storm our country has ever seen.  That is one powerful storm system!  Today was spent preparing for the worst. We are under a Winter Storm Warning but we are not expected to be buried by a massive snowfall like most people. Instead we are expecting a big ice storm.  In my opinion, nothing is worse than an ice storm.  It is completely disruptive.  It makes every single thing done outside incredibly risky.  Walking to the mailbox can take forever as each step is likely to have you land flat on your back.  Cars become carsicles.  Mailboxes are mailboxsicles. Sidewalks are most definitely sidewalksicles.  Last time we had an ice storm Mr. Yesteryear Acres slipped on our backsteps and broke his elbow. And he is REALLY good at balancing and walking on ice.  The doggies have trouble in the ice as well.  They end up sliding down the hill while standing perfectly still.  They give us a look that clearly says, "WHAT IS HAPPENING??"  Snow doesn't stop them. They romp around in the snow and make little snow doggie snowmen and have the best time burrowing and tunneling and romping through the snow.  I believe the dogs' favorite part is bringing all the snowberries on their coats back inside.  I mean how much fun is that!? Ice however, brings everything to a halt - including electricity.  We almost always lose power when we have ice storms. The longest power outage we ever had here was 10 LONG LONG LONG days. It gave new meaning to what it would be like to live like a pioneer. In anticipation of this, Mr. Yesteryear Acres was up at the crack of dawn preparing for the storm.  We need heat lamps, water, food, heat, lights etc.  We have well water so even our water is dependant upon electricity.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been working hard all day cutting firewood and getting buckets of water lined up and I believe we are ready for the storm.  I am going to go with the philosophy that since we are so well prepared, the worst of the storm will miss us.  I hope that wherever you are, the storm misses you too.  If not, make some really awesome snow angels!  It looks as if there will be plenty of padding to make the best snow angels ever!

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