Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tears of Laughter

 I generally go through every day with a big smile on my face and consider myself to be an overwhelmingly happy person. I like to surround myself with other happy people and I love to find good things in each day. Laughing is something I do with gusto. I am not a meek or timid laugher. I am a full deep down to the depths of my belly laugher. I am probably fairly easy to spot in a crowd, especially at a comedy movie or with a group of friends, as I am the one clearly enjoying the moment and laughing and having fun. Sometimes I will get the "look". The look that says, "I think that is enough happiness" and I have to wonder about those people. I don't laugh at inappropriate times but when I do laugh, it is a what some might consider a loud laugh. I just don't hold my enjoyment in. I let it all out so I can refill and laugh some more. How can there ever be "enough happiness?" Life is supposed to be enjoyed and laughing and having fun is part of what makes life so great.  My mom and I had dinner tonight and we just could not stop laughing. We were cracking each other up. We were very considerate of the diners around us and laughed into our napkins but for most of our dinner we were drying the tears running down our faces. We had just the best time. While we were eating our dessert, an older couple came up to us and I was afraid that we had been too noisy with our dinner. They asked if we were mother and daughter and we told them we were. They then said that watching us have so much fun together was one of the nicest things they have ever seen. They said that all mothers should enjoy their daughters and all daughters should enjoy their mothers as much as we do. We agreed! We then had some other diners come over and talk to us and they also thought that having that much fun with your mommy was undeniably special. We met some really nice people. We heard stories about their moms or their daughters and I was touched that our happiness made so many other people feel happy. I guess laughter is contagious! My mom and I just have one more day together before we head back home. We are not the type of people who lament the last day and feel sad that our time together is coming to an end. We don't whine or moan or feel blue. We enjoy that last day all the way until the very last minute. You can bet that tomorrow....there will be some major good times rolling and I am going to guess some tears of laughter to make our day complete!

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