Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I love you my sweet tissues

Dearest tissues, my faithful friends. You have been so good to me. You have stayed by my side day and night. You have accompanied me to the bathroom. You have accompanied me to the kitchen. You have helped me to feed the puppies, clean up their poop, take them outside. You have been my constant companion whether I am laying down or sitting up. Your presence plastered under my nose has been ever so comforting. I do not know what I would have done without your kind attention. Please don't be offended by my casting you aside in mountainous piles only to be removed and forever burned as toxic waste. Please don't be offended by the fact I replace you every 30 seconds. You are ever so appreciated. In fact, you are so appreciated that Mr. Yesteryear Acres went to Sam's Club last night and bought 8 more boxes of my dear sweet tissue companions. I have a box in every room. It is the only way I can get from one room to the other. I am actually impressed with the endless production of mucous that is replenished with every passing minute. I certainly think I should be empty by now. Despite all of the above.... I am still not sick. So don't worry about me. I am just choosing to wear my pajamas all day today. I am choosing to crawl from room to room. Mr. Yesteryear Acres chose to take our son to the orthodontist appointment this morning. I was definitely well enough to take him, it was just that Mr. Yesteryear Acres thought that taking our son to the orthodontist this morning would bring him overwhelming joy and happiness. My younger daughter chose to run to the store to pick up more milk because what is more fun than a milk run? And finally the dinner menu for tonight....poached eggs and toast....has been chosen because that is way better than the originally planned handmade pasta with garden tomato sauce. Nothing goes better with tissues than a nice soft poached egg. That and jammies and a blanky. And maybe a little Russell Crowe or Brad Pitt. They seem to go really well with tissues. Of course some might say - they go well with everything. Good thing I am absolutely not sick or else I might miss them. Cheers to feeling well. Cheers....with tea with honey.

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