Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Food Coma

Oh man....I ate too much. I mean really too much. My mom and I went out to eat and the food was ridiculously delicious. Every bite was heavenly and my brain never registered the STOP EATING button once I was full. So of course I finished every bite and now I am so full I cannot move. I am a gigantic blob of tired overstuffed unmoving fullness. The biggest problem was the bread. The chef was a French baker so the bread was a traditional fresh baked steaming baguette with soft French butter waiting on the table. Mmmmmm. The couple sitting at the next table remarked that their bread basket was so full that they could never eat that basket of bread in 10 years. Hmmmmm. I had 2 baskets.  I mean the bread was hot and chewy and rich and soooooo good! The restaurant also had passion fruit coladas and passion fruit is my very very very favorite fruit in the entire world. How could I say no? It was mmmmmmmmmm good! Every sip made me smile and make a yummy sound. I actually made an audible yummy sound with each sip because that much goodness can never be contained inside. The "mmmm" just has to come out. If the fresh baked bread and passion fruit coladas were not enough....they also had panko encrusted  green beans with a hint of lemon. Would it surprise you to know I ate an entire bowl full? I mean I just couldn't stop. Oh my. Such goodness. Such yumminess. Such fullllllness! So now I am sitting here and I am slowly slipping into a food coma. I might not recover. I might be in my food coma forever. I may never eat again. Oh wait....tomorrow I hear they are serving Szechuan eggplant! Okay, so I believe, I mean I am not certain, but I believe I will emerge from my food coma just in time for dinner. Wow! I am such a fast healer!

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