Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow place like home

Yea! I made it back home!  My long trip is officially over.  The drive to Annapolis was a really easy drive and I made it in good time.  My daughter was a most excellent companion and DJ extraordinaire. We talked and laughed and sang all the way to the Naval Academy.  Once we passed through the security gates, the laughter abruptly ended as we had to say our goodbyes. Sigh. I hate that part.  My daughter hates that part.  Saying goodbye is always tough.  I missed her the very second she disappeared from view.  I know she feels the same way.  I sadly got back in my car and turned around and headed home.  What awaited me on my long drive home was snow, snow and more snow.  Oh and darkness...lots of darkness.  I absolutely hated the drive home.  There were hours that went by when there were no lane lines as the freeway was totally covered in snow. The only thing visible were 2 small thin lines of the tire tracks in front of me.  Sometimes I didn't even have the tire tracks. I just put my car equidistant between the guard rails and kept on driving through the snowy darkness. I think I used almost an entire gallon of window wiper fluid trying to keep my windshield clear. It was one long drive.  I think next time I will have to stay overnight in Annapolis and skip the driving there and back in one day idea.  It is just too much for me to do, especially considering I was only accompanied by my boxes of tissues on the way home. Try as they might, they just weren't that comforting. I am SO glad to be home! I can tell my home sweet home really missed me.  I can tell my doggies really missed me.  I can tell my son and daughter and husband really missed me.  But most of all.... I can tell my pajamas really missed me. PAJAMAS!!!!  I AM HOME!

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