Wednesday, January 19, 2011

At Last

Tonight my mom and I went to a Karaoke club. Oh my gosh was that fun. I have a very wide variety of songs that I enjoy from all genres so it is even more fun for me to go and listen to everyone sing. In case you are wondering....NO I did not sing! I don't think I could ever drum up the courage for that one nor do I think the audience would appreciate my singing talents. I think they are better suited for singing in the shower or while driving along some long stretch of highway. I don't have the kind of voice necessary to entertain an audience. Even if I do know a lot of the words, it doesn't mean I should be singing them. This advice could be taken to heart to some of the "entertainers" this evening. Wow.....some people really can not carry a tune.  The nice thing is that the same people that cannot carry a tune, are the same people that do not know that they cannot carry a tune, so their feelings are never hurt. They are blissfully happy singing "I've got friends in low places" for the 14th time in a row. I think after this evening, I could sing the song backwards as I certainly know the lyrics that well by now. My favorite part of the karaoke evening were the surprise AWESOME singers. Singers, that by the looks of them, didn't reveal the awesomeness inside. I mean every now and then some shy looking timid person would go up to the stage and WOW just nail every note and bring the audience to their feet with a voice that was amazing. I got goosebumps just listening! One girl got up and sang "Part of your world" which is the song from The Little Mermaid and boy she was SO good.  She sounded as if she were the original recording artist. I am missing my little mermaid back home so when she sang it, I immediately thought of my younger daughter. She loves that movie and truly is my little mermaid. She would have loved hearing that song tonight. Another woman sang "At Last" and I mean right there you have to be pretty brave because everyone knows that song is the most romantic song in the world and is a required "you MUST dance with your wife" song. She was terrific! I mean really terrific and she had never sung for anyone before in her life! It was really so beautiful. I had a bit of tears in my eyes. Here is this woman who has all that talent right inside her and she never even knew. No one knew. She belted that song out and I think everyone was speechless. It was completely wonderful and she was overwhelmed with the applause. I think one of the favorites of the evening was a group of three gospel singers who sang Whitney Houston's "How Do I Know" in the most perfect harmony I have ever heard. I would buy tickets to a concert of theirs. I love hearing such vocal talent. I love seeing people sing their hearts out and have the time of their lives. If I get the chance to go again, I should be fairly easy to spot. I will be the one with biggest smile on my face, tapping my toes, clapping my hands and (quietly) singing along. Tonight I will go to sleep with an entire concert playing in my head. I think I will just replay the really good ones. The "Friends in Low Places" will have to wait for the next time it is Karaoke night. I think I will start with "At Last". As in... At Last I am going to bed! Night!

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