Monday, January 3, 2011

Surprise Visitor

Today we had a fluffy surprise visitor.  It was really cute with great big eyes and all the doggies thought it was completely fascinating. It looked so cute and fluffy we all just wanted to reach out and pet it.  Was it a cute fluffy puppy? Nope.  A cute fluffy kitten? Nope again.  Just who was this surprise visitor? Guess whooooooooo
That is what I saw from our window!  I grabbed my camera as fast as I could and took a few shots from inside the house.

Of course I was so excited I yelled for everyone to come see our cute fluffy owl friend.  It was fun to see it sitting right in our magnolia tree. I decided to run outside to see if I could get a better picture of it.

Surprisingly it didn't fly away and I got a few good shots.
Everyone got a chance to see the owl which was really great.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son came outside with me and we admired the owl together.  Some people....I am not naming any names....admired the owl from inside the warm house....

Since I ran outside without a coat, I can't say she had a bad idea! It was chilly! We all watched the owl until it saw something up in the woods and took off for parts unknown.  Thank you for the visit Mr. Owl.  We loved having you!

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