Friday, January 14, 2011

The weather forecast

Early this morning while I was taking care of the puppies, the daily morning news program was playing on the television. Mr. Yesteryear Acres always has the news on in the morning so we can start the day fully in the know. Well today, I felt so lucky to have the news on. I must give my deepest and most sincere thanks to our local meteorologist. Without his kind and most insightful forecast this morning, I might have been totally oblivious to today's weather forecast. Do you know what sage advice he shared with his viewers this morning? Do you know what incredible and amazingly insightful suggestion he provided? He said that today......January 14th.....was...........another cold day. Whoa. Who knew? In addition, he said that today.....was a day you needed........a jacket! I am not kidding you. He said, "Folks, today you are going to want to wear a jacket.". Tears of appreciation immediately sprung to my eyes. With it being a balmy 12* outside, I was so grateful to know that I might require a jacket. I mean there I was, standing there in my Bermuda shorts, bikini top, straw hat and sunglasses when my weather man let me know that today was a JACKET day! Oh my gosh! I was totally dressed inappropriately! I had no clue! I certainly I couldn't tell it was cold out with the foot of snow on the ground. I missed the signs when I had to excavate my car from the igloo that encapsulated it. When Mr. Yesteryear Acres used a chainsaw to cut a hole in the ice on our frozen pond so that he and the kids could go ice fishing - again I was clueless. The fact that our porch door was frozen idea it was cold. When I came in the house from getting the newspaper and my boots were filled with snow and my hands were frozen to the mailbox, again, I was certain it was a jacket-free day. Whew! I immediately ran upstairs to change into a sweater, scarf and long pants. Tomorrow I better just stay in my pajamas until AFTER the weather forecast. Left to my own doing, I might set out my snorkel and swimsuit. After the awe-inspiring weather forecast this morning, I feel I cannot trust my own judgement.  If the polar bears traipsing through my backyard are any indication....... Polar fleece MAY be needed tomorrow, but I just don't know.  I shall wait before making any snap decisions. I just hope that tomorrow's forecast will be just as helpful as this morning's forecast. A jacket wearing day in Ohio, in January, with a foot of snow on the ground, when the high temperature doesn't go above 20*, I just never saw that coming.  Thank goodness for my local weather forecaster. 

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  1. Ok, I am going to laugh all the way to bed with this one!!


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