Monday, January 10, 2011

New Trick

We have an 8 month old chocolate labradoodle named Olive that my son has been training.  Her full name is Olive Ewe.  Get it?...  My son refuses to call her that - but hey - it is her official name.
Here is a picture of Olive this summer as a young puppy. Even then she was already helping my son with the farm chores.

This is after a youth day pheasant hunt this fall:

She is a really great pup and is completely devoted to my son.
Here is a recent picture of her. Most of the time she looks just like this:

She is focused on my son and just waiting for his next move. She can't wait for my son to ask her to do something with him. She is in love with him. My son is equally in love with Olive and never hesitates to mention how cute she is.  I think I hear something along the lines of, "Mom! Look at Olive! Isn't she SO cute?" at least every 5 minutes.
 Each morning when Olive and my son wake up, my son has a look on his face that says, "I AM NOT AWAKE YET" while Olive's face says, "GOOD MORNING! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Oh and one more thing...I LOVE YOU!" It doesn't take long for Olive's enthusiasm to spread and in no time my son is smiling and ready to start the day. Olive follows my son everywhere.  I mean every step he takes, Olive is right there with him.  She is always looking into his eyes and asking, "what can I do for you next?"  She is completely and totally in love with him. My son has been working on teaching Olive some new tricks.  This Christmas he got Olive to open his Christmas presents for him.  I am not kidding.  He waited until Olive unwrapped his presents and of course Olive was only too willing to oblige.  She even got a few presents of her own which she was quite happy about.  One was a stuffed animal that has a place for a empty plastic water bottle to go inside. That way it makes that wonderful crinkle sound every single time Olive picks up the toy. She loves that toy as she has always had a thing for water bottles.  The newest trick is for Olive to go fetch something to drink for my son. It started with her picking up a gatorade bottle or water bottle off the floor and then handing it to my son.  It has now progressed to much further distances.  Yesterday my son called me and asked me if I could get him something to drink. He was way back on the hill and I told him I didn't really want to get bundled up and walk all the way out there.  So what did he do?  Yep.  He sent Olive.  I went to the basement to get a bottle of water and walked out to our porch and there was Olive.  Waiting for me with her tail wagging in anticipation. I handed her the water bottle and off she ran to give it to my son. My son thought it was the greatest thing ever! He is still talking about it today.  His next plans are to teach her how to go to the basement and get a water bottle all by herself.  He has great plans for how she can go fetch a root beer or gatorade -perhaps even a COLD one and then go all the way out to the garden or wherever he might be and run all sorts of errands for him. He is so excited.  The most awesome is Olive.  She can't wait to run his errands for him. I think my son might be on to something here.  Perhaps Olive would like to bring in the groceries! Or make dinner! Hey I know...maybe Olive would want to do the dishes for me! I will have to bring this idea up with my son.  I mean if she can go fetch cold beverages....I say why stop there!  Dearest Olive....I LOVE EWE!

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