Thursday, March 17, 2011

And then it hit me

Today didn't go quite exactly as planned. Try as I might, my "oh let's look on the bright side" part of my brain wasn't exactly engaged. I woke up much earlier than I planned and wasn't too happy about my early morning "SNORING" wake up call.  Grrrrr.  I was really tired and evidently so was Mr. Yesteryear Acres. Only one of us got to sleep though.  Guess who won? "SNNNNNNNOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEEE"  It was absolutely no use trying to sleep so I got up before the sun and started working on all the things I had to get done today. One by one, for some reason or another, things were just not coming together. I still don't have all the logistics of my puppy deliveries figured out as I am still awaiting a few email replies. I think I checked my email 1,000 times today but I believe there is some kind of cosmic law that states checking your email every 1.5 seconds will not elicit a response.  It must follow the watched pot never boils theory. I was supposed to have help today - but the person helping me had to leave very early so alas - it was up to me to get all my things done. To top it all off, when I was driving to pick up my son from track practice, I noticed my car was very warm.  I mean really warm.  I kept turning down the heat. No difference.  I was actually starting to sweat.  Then I turned on the air conditioner. NO DIFFERENCE. UGH!!!!  My SUV that is not even a year old yet is NOT working!  The climate control is broken and evidently stuck on "YOU ARE IN A SAUNA" setting. I immediately called the service department and the service man said, and I quote, "You don't need air conditioning to drive."  Really? Really? Gee thanks. That is so helpful. I also don't need to wear boots in winter or a raincoat in the rain or put sunscreen on in the sun but I DO! So Mr. Yesteryear Acres and I drove to the service department and there my car sits.  They better fix it before Saturday morning!!!  I am really frustrated, and yes, if they can't fix it before Saturday, I will still make the puppy mobile delivery trip because as I was so thoughtfully reminded today - you don't need air conditioning to drive. I just really really hope they can fix it tomorrow! Now I need to get a ride out to see my dad, I will be up late tomorrow night loading up the puppy mobile because we can't get that done while it is at the shop, I still have to bathe all the puppies all by myself because my helper went home, and I have 1,000 things left on my TO DO list AND I am still waiting for some email answers to come to my inbox.  I was almost in tears over my day of nothing going right.......and then.... it hit me! ALL of this is MY FAULT! OH NO!  I could have prevented this entire disastrous day!!!!! I FORGOT TO WEAR GREEN THIS MORNING!!!!!!! I cursed my own day!  Honestly I would take a leprechaun pinching my butt but this is too much.  I just ran upstairs and threw on a green scarf and a green headband. I am ready now.  I am apologizing for my horrible oversight! Okay - service man - you can call me now and tell me something like - "Oh that was just a missing O Ring or plug or switchy thing and we already fixed it!"  Okay puppy families you can email me now so I can email the other puppy families eagerly awaiting an answer. Okay puppies, you can go wash up all by yourself and be all sparkly clean for me.  I AM WEARING GREEN! 

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