Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished

TA DA!!!! I AM DONE! I finished alllll my taxes AND I did alllll the financial aid paperwork. Done. Signed. Sealed. Delivered! Whew! I started this morning again bright and early and finished right before 7pm this evening.  Yesterday, I didn't stop all day - not even to eat - so last night's dinner was what I deemed "Casual Dinner Night."  My daughter asked how cereal for dinner casual? It was close. The evening before I whipped up a big batch of egg salad so last night's dinner was egg salad sandwiches.  It was far from fancy - but it fit the bill. No dishes. No mess. No preparation time.  We really don't have too many quick dinners around here so I figured I was due.  I mean 12 hours working on taxes does not lead one to be motivated in the kitchen. I figured I would have to make up for it today so I took a small break at 3:00pm and got a big roasting chicken ready for the oven. The rest of the afternoon, I was tortured by the smell of roast chicken cooking. Mmmmm. My mouth was watering and my stomach was growling for most of the day. It was a good kind of torture. Now that I have accomplished my goal of the ever so fun, ever so enjoyable, ever so intensive taxes - what's next? Well puppy things of course!  Tomorrow is toe nail trimming, puppy playing, outside recess fun day! The weather is supposed to be delightful so I am planning on taking Roxy's and Fiona's puppies out for some fun playtime.  They are always hysterical on their first adventures outdoors.  They have big wide eyes wondering just what the heck they are supposed to do.  3 short days later -they are running around like champs.  They quickly learn to love nature as much as I do.  I am looking forward to some fresh air and puppy love! No more calculators!!! YEA!

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