Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweet Potato Goodness

Sweet Potatoes are so good for you.  They are a nice deep orange root vegetable just full of vitamins. They have so much vitamin A inside that you can almost expect Superman type vision after just eating one sweet potato. They are  rich with Vitamin C, Fiber, Iron ...I mean really it is a most perfect food.  Now is it my fault that I think that one of the yummiest, most delicious, most delectable ways of eating sweet potatoes is in the form of .....french fries????  I mean have you ever had sweet potato french fries sprinkled with sea salt?  It is like heaven. Such sweet tender goodness with a bit of saltiness....mmmmmm.  My daughter contends that by eating my sweet potato in the french fry form - they are NO longer good for you.  This is a serious lapse in judgement on her part.  Just because the sweet potatoes are chopped into delightful french fry shapes does not erase the beta carotene.  Beta Carotene is found in ALL shapes and sizes. Cutting the sweet potatoes into fun french fry shapes cannot in any way change the nutritional content. As I was happily eating my sweet potato fries, my daughter kept insisting that my healthy intake of Beta Carotene was JUNK FOOD! Where does she get this stuff? Junk Food??? I think not!!  We are talking about one of the most vitamin rich foods on the planet.  Now they may be SLIGHTLY more caloric by eating them as french fries - but hey it is STILL sweet potatoes so I maintain that it is GOOD for you. Really good for you. After my consumption this evening, I don't even need my reading glasses.  I feel full of energy and enthusiasm.  Those sweet potatoes are AMAZING! Nope NO way is a sweet potato junk food.  My daughter is just plain wrong.  I am once again, the most healthy eater around.  I ate SWEET POTATOES for dinner!!!  I am a nutritional genius!

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