Thursday, March 10, 2011


When you hear what I did today - you are going to be so jealous. Suddenly, your day, no matter how awesome, no matter how glorious - your day will simply pale in comparison to how I spent my afternoon. Did I spend the day in warm yellow sunshine? Why no - it is still raining. In fact, when I needed to make a milk run today, I contemplated kayaking to the store.  Did I spend the day watching movies and eating popcorn? Why no - the TV hasn't been on all day and I believe it misses me dearly.  Did I win the lottery, find the puppy poop magically cleaned up, or have magical fairies come and clean my house? No, No and sadly no. What did I do? What is so wonderful? Oh let me share - I cleaned doggie teeth today! I know. I know. You can hardly hold back your jealousy. Who doesn't want to spend the afternoon scraping tartar off of doggie teeth? I am actually quite good at it and probably could be certified as a doggie hygienist but nonetheless, I can't say that it is really all that fun.  First of all, the doggies aren't particularly overjoyed when they see the dental scraper. Second, when you scrape tartar off of doggie teeth - it do I put this is......STINKY!  Yes it stinks.  I have to put on my reading glasses and get my face right up close to the teeth and breathe in doggie breath the entire time. Yuck. The doggies don't even thank me.  They act the same as humans do when faced with the dentist. They slowly and I mean S L O W L Y walk/crawl/inch their way over to my lap and give me a pitiful "I DON'T LIKE THE DENTIST" look. I have to say - I act the same way when I go to the dentist.  I hate it.  There is nothing I like about it. The entire time I get my teeth clean I just think PLEASE be over soon!  The doggies are the same way. Luckily I am quick and it is over before they know it.  Just like humans - doggies need their teeth cared for so they can have nice bright shiny teeth and healthy mouths. Even though my doggies are WAY talented, none of them have mastered brushing their teeth, so it is up to me to keep their teeth pearly white. I wonder what fun I will have tomorrow? Ear cleaning? Toenail trimming? Doggie haircuts? The choices are just endless. Prepare yourself for another "Wow, I wish I could have spent the day doing THAT" episode soon!

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