Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Thought Of This?

So I finally join the world of American Idol watchers and then WHAM! The rug gets pulled out right from under my feet.  What is with this "judging"????  I mean how in the world can they just randomly decide that one of my favorite singers is no longer good enough to perform??  The agony!  I think I was better off when I didn't watch American Idol.  I think it was better when I had absolutely no idea what the big deal was about the show.  I didn't know who was singing. I wasn't invested in the "results". I had no idea what was being sung or who was singing it.  Now I am all curious.  Now I have to watch to listen to my favorite singers. Now I have to fast forward through Thursday's show just to say WHAT WHAT WHAT?!!!! Oh my. I just sat there with my mouth wide open, shaking my head in disbelief.  Thankfully my singer was saved and I can continue to live in agony wondering which 2 singers will be off the show next week.  What if I like them all? I mean when it gets down to the final 4-5 singers, I won't be happy.  I won't want any of them voted off. Who thought of this idea to vote off talented singers? Who thought of this wretched system where singers who clearly sing better than most people I know get thrown off the show?  How is that a good idea?  I know. I won't watch anymore.  Next week I won't turn on my TV.....Except I really want to hear what they will be singing next week. Except I would really miss the country singer and the raspy singer and the ballad singer and and and UGH!  I will HAVE to turn on the TV! I will continue to be tortured!  Maybe I will record the show, and then save the show, and then I will pretend they all made it. Yeah.  That's the plan! Everyone makes it.  JOY!

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