Saturday, March 19, 2011

Precious Cargo - Delivered Safely

The puppies were excellent travelers on our eastbound journey.  They all pooped and peed before climbing aboard the puppy mobile and held it all the way to our first stop. My son and I started a book on tape but then ended up turning it off and chatted almost the entire way.  That was a lot of fun and an unexpected bonus to my trip. He is a really hardworker and spends most of his free time outside working on the farm chores or whatever help Mr. Yesteryear Acres might need for the day.  My son and Mr. Yesteryear Acres spend loads of time together as they are both cut from the same cloth.  They work from sunrise to sunset. Today however - it was just me and my son.  He is great company and just the best helper.  He pours my coffee, answers the phone, washes the windows, and pumps my gas which I I LOVE because I hate pumping my gas. He is the very best puppy mobile assistant ever. We had a lot of fun talking and both agreed that spending the entire day driving was much more fun than we had thought it would be. We met our puppy families and personally delivered their little furry bundles of joy. We got a lot of hugs and thank yous and the day was just perfect.  Tonight we are checked into a hotel for the evening and are going to warm up some pork and noodles that I made for dinner and watch a few movies.  We are looking forward to the evening!  Tomorrow morning we are homeward bound. Although I rarely make fast food stops, I think I might surprise my son and stop and get him a hamburger on the way home.  He LOVES hamburgers and I am thinking he deserves one.  Maybe even a double!!!

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