Tuesday, March 29, 2011

World Wide Web....where are you?

ARGH!  I am away with my mom and daughter enjoying a little bit of Spring Break fun and the internet service is SOOOOO bad!  I mean really bad.  I mean....searching......searching......searching........and then nothing.  I am so used to connecting to the internet immediately and emailing many many times throughout the day. I feel that being responsive in my emails is one of the very most important things I do each and every day. I don't like to leave people hanging with questions. I take pride in being quick with my responses.  I have been writing my blog separately and then waiting for the internet to have a solid enough signal in order to post my blog. It is a little frustrating to say the least.If I haven't answered an email right away this week, please know that I am trying and for sure, as soon as I return home, I will answer all my emails. Other than the lack of internet, it is so nice to spend some time with my mom and daughter.  We have the rest of the week together and are going to enjoy every minute. Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son are at home taking care of all the puppies and doggies.  They have a lot of work on their hands and I am forever grateful that they so willingly agree to keep the home fires burning. I think I better come up with a good present to bring home to them!  They sooo deserve it! Dear Mr. Yesteryear Acres - give those sweet puppies a big hug from me - and of course, take a big one for yourself!  

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