Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good ole Salad

Today I decided to combat my over-feasting of yesterday by eating a nice healthy salad for lunch.  Mmmm Salad.  Good ole salad. Nothing but a big pile of green leaves in a nice large bowl.  You can eat as much as you want and it is almost negative calories. Bite after Bite after bite of crunchy green foliage. I, in no way, thought of myself as a wild deer grazing in the fields.  I did not envision the chewing to be similar to a cow chewing its cud.  I didn't associate the endless bowl of greens with a bowl of washed up seaweed. I just ate my salad thinking of nice happy thoughts like....I am sure I am thinner already.  I am positive the chewing is zapping away my calorie intake. I bet I am losing weight just by eating this delightful bowl of salad.  I bet my jeans will now zip without having to lie down flat on my bed whilst sucking in my breath with all my might. I bet I can wear that cute little dress without so much of a hint of a muffin top showing.  Mmmm Salad.  Good ole salad.  I felt so good about my healthy lunch.......I decided to celebrate. What could I do to show my appreciation to myself for being so good? How could I express my gratitude for eating such a healthy lunch? What best exemplifies happy thoughts over a job well done? Well .....the answer is.....Oreos.  MMMMMM OREOS!!!! AND MILK!  NOW THAT IS A GOOD LUNCH! Maybe tomorrow I will try grapefruit for lunch. Yeah - Grapefruit followed by Ho-Hos! Man I am doing really well on my low calorie lunches!

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