Monday, March 21, 2011

Scrumptious Perogies!

This morning I was at the car dealership for service by 7:30am. I called as soon as they opened to let them know that the climate control in my car was NOT fixed. The service man asked what did I mean "not fixed." I explained that when you turn the fan OFF, it doesn't turn off.  When you turn the heat ON, no heat comes on. When you turn the fan DOWN, it doesn't slow down. When you turn on the A/C, there is no A/C. His response....."why don't you bring the car in so he could see what was going on."  Oh. Okay. As if the second he turns the fan OFF - suddenly the fan will turn OFF because for some reason, I lost every ounce of intelligence and I am unable to process how to turn on and off the climate control in my car. ARGH.  When I pulled into the service bay - do you know what he said? The service man said it looked like something was broken in my climate control! WHOA! I never saw that coming.  Thank goodness he was there to let me know that.  How else in the world could I have ever come up with the fact that the continuous blasting of tepid air at full force meant my climate control was broken.  He promised me it would be a quick fix. I didn't have a ride so I had to wait on the repair. Two and 1/2 hours later -the car was fixed. Again. For the second time this week.  During the 2.5 hours that I sat in the repair "lounge", I wondered...if this is a "quick" fix - what is a long one? Thankfully - THIS time, the car is really fixed and the fan controls all work.  As soon as I got back home I hurried to take all new pictures of the puppies and published them to the website.  We have some cuties!
They were quite cooperative little pups and enjoyed their photo shoot.  The cute pictures just brightened my mood immediately!  Then for the really super awesome big treat of the day - one of the families that adopted a puppy from us made us Perogies.  I have never in my life had Perogies and had to look up what they were. She made potato and cheese perogies and potato and sauerkraut perogies from scratch. Completely homemade! Just for me!!!  WOW! They were FANTASTIC.  Little bundles of pie crust type goodness filled with homemade mashed potato yumminess!  We ate TONS and now I cannot move.  We couldn't stop eating them. I will be smiling all night long. So will my tummy!  That was just the best ending to my day.  They were scrumptious!!!!!

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