Saturday, March 12, 2011

Facebook Appreciation

Yesterday's tragic events in Japan and the following ordeal in Hawaii and the west coast gave me a deeper appreciation for Facebook. I know many people feel that Facebook is a great big black hole where time disappears and hours that could be put to good use is simply sucked away.  Sometimes I fall into that trap.  People post things of interest, pictures, comments, ideas - and before I know it a whole hour is gone in an instant.  I try hard to balance the time I spend on Facebook so that it isn't too consuming.  I like to play Scrabble with a good breeder friend of mine. I like to keep in touch with all my puppy families and Navy friends. I like to see pictures and updates that are posted on my  older daughter's wall as she is far from home and every update brings her just a little bit closer to me.  I think Facebook is really terrific. It is so easy to stay in touch and keep your circle of friends close by.  Social networking also allows for friends far far away. The minute I heard about the tsunami heading towards Hawaii, I thought of my friend in Hawaii. She is another mom of a midshipman and of course I was worried for her as were all the other midmom friends in our Navy mom circle.  We were able to chat with her and get instant updates on how she was doing. I bet when Mark Zuckerberg first thought of the facebook idea - he never envisioned it would bring people comfort and allow them to share their prayers and compassion for each other in times of trouble. I know my friend was comforted by having so many friends "close" by. Another Navy friend of mine has a son that has been deployed in Japan for the past 7 months and he literally missed the earthquake by a few minutes as his orders to leave happened right before the tsunami hit. Not only did I see what was happening halfway around the world by staying glued to the National news, I saw pictures, and read updates, and heard personal stories from my facebook friends. It brought the whole ordeal so close to home. I am still in awe at the raw overwhelming power of Nature. The devastation is simply incomprehensible. For all my friends who are safe tonight, I am so glad. If you ever need anything - remember - I am one post away!

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