Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why Hello Snow

When I awoke this morning, what did I see out my window???? SNOW!!!! Lots of wintry white snow. Yesterday our entire backyard was a sea of endless brown gunky mud and this morning it was sparking white. Ahhhhh. It was as if everything was new again.  I just smiled when I looked out at the white wonderland.  A little chickadee was on our snow covered brick walkway just looking at me. He was definitely showing off how beautiful he looked with the snowy landscape in the background. The doggies all looked at me like WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? I think they were pretty sure winter was over. They quickly adjusted and soon were all romping around in the snow. I felt happy seeing the beauty of nature everywhere. I felt happy having the doggies come back in the house without slinging mud everywhere. I felt happy to not have my kitchen look like some ancient tar pit. And then........POOF! ALL GONE! Good-bye beautiful white wonderland.  Good-bye chickadee. Good-bye doggies that are clean and pretty. The snow melted as quickly as it fell leaving yet more endless miles of mud soaked fields and a backyard that looks like the Brea Tar Pits. *sigh*  Well it was lovely while it lasted.  Despite all the muddiness, we did have fun playing with the puppies for a little while outside. They were a bit confused by the sudden change in weather, but once they saw the big doggies having fun, they joined in.  My daughter and I took new pictures of all our puppies and got some really good photos for the website. I plan on getting them all published first thing tomorrow morning. It takes about 3 hours to get all the pictures uploaded so Monday morning usually is a good time to work on the website. The kids are at school and I can work without interruptions and most importantly I don't miss precious family time.  Weekends are for being together, having fun with the kids, a little free time if lucky, puppy snuggles and doodle love......with and without mud puddles. 

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