Thursday, March 3, 2011

Small Packets of Smiles

For me, life is made up of infinitesimal small packets of ordinary happenings. Yes there are a few big important vital moments that happen every year but overall, life is just a weaving of this and that. One day turns into the next day and so on. Before you know it February is gone and March is here and the next time you turn around summer is upon us. The trick is to look at each day and see all the little things that can add up to a lot of happiness. Sometimes when you look - you can find happiness all around. Other times it takes a bit more work. You actually have to make time to find something special about your day. If you practice hard enough - you will find that happiness falls down upon you as easily as a gentle rain shower in the spring. Today I had one of those days. Nothing particularly overwhelming or out of the ordinary but nonetheless small packets of smiles and happiness were all around me. Mr. Yesteryear Acres made one of our big runs to the warehouse club this morning and filled our van up with goodies.  Goodies for the doggies. Goodies for the puppies. Goodies for the family and goodies for me. He came home in time to have lunch together and we had the most delicious lunch. It was SCRUMPTIOUS.  We both were smiling with every bite.  Tonight he is making his special salad with the blue cheese and orange citrus dressing and I can hardly wait.  Just thinking about his yummy salad kept a smile on my face all day long.  He found the most perfect yellow cherry tomatoes at the store and they just pop in your mouth with sweet tomato rich flavor.  mmmm.  While waiting for tonight's gourmet treat, I got a lot of work done and small packets of smiles were to be found all day.
All the laundry is washed.
The dishes are done.
I didn't need to use a calculator all day long. LOL
My son texted me just to tell me that he was having a good day.
My daughter surprised me by making me a tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.
Something I bought 2 weeks ago went on SUPER sale and I called customer service and was immediately credited the difference. (That gave me a BIG smile!) 
Our puppies are getting to the ridiculously cute stage and every time I walk into the kitchen this one puppy that reminds me of an adorable polar bear cub, just rolls onto his back and waits for me to come and rub his belly. He is beyond cute!
I even got off my big (and sadly I do mean big) winter butt and went to the arboretum and walked for exercise.
I feel quite accomplished. I was keenly aware of how much my lethargic winter behavior has cost me physically as I was perhaps huffing and puffing a bit too much - but I did it. Day one. I am ready for spring to arrive and to get back into shape. That is how life at Yesteryear Acres is.  Nothing incredibly earth shattering. Nothing particularly "WOW YOU DID THAT TODAY!?" but just an even tone of Life is good.  Life is enjoyable. Life is full of smiles and happy thoughts and puppy snuggles. As always, I feel blessed and grateful. My little bits of happiness all weave together into one beautiful life.

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