Friday, March 4, 2011

Friendliest Doggie on the Planet

Do you know what the friendliest doggie on the planet is?  Can you guess? If you guess a doodle you are ALMOST right. You are sooo close.  Try again.....Did you guess a soaking WET doodle? OH man! You are really really really close now!!!  Try one more time........Did you guess a soaking wet doodle dripping with mud??? YES! You got it!!!! Nothing is more friendly, more loving, more endearing than a doodle drenched from the soaking rains and absolutely covered in wet dripping mud.  Something about the muddy legs and the muddy paws and the muddy chin just BEGS for you to come and love it and pet it and be its very best friend. We are being deluged with non-stop rains.  Today's total rainfall - 2.5 INCHES.  Yes 2.5 INCHES of solid rain.  There is nothing in our backyard that isn't under water.  Our "creek" is now a class 5 rapids!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres had to crawl - excuse me - I mean SWIM - in the culvert to make sure all the debris was cleared out as there is just so much water moving through our property. I could almost create an entire white water rafting trip in our yard! We have standing areas of mud upon mud upon mud.  I am talking about sinking up to your knees mud.  Just walking to the car requires rubber hip boots! Our stepping stones have sunk. Our grass is gone. Just mud and puddles and mud and....lots and lots of doggie prints running through the mud. And those doggies are just begging to run back inside the house and share all the love in their hearts. My little Scooter loves to jump on my lap the second he comes back inside so that he can dry his little paws off on my shirt. Isn't he thoughtful?  Tomorrow we are expecting....MORE RAIN!  I think I might just give up and wear my big yellow "Gordon's Fisherman" rain suit all day long.  And yes, I do mean even INSIDE the house.  I will just pretend I returned from a exhilarating fishing trip and haven't had time to get out of my rain gear.  Every now and then I will just jump in the shower (rainsuit still on of course) and hose off.  I know that allll this rain is supposedly good for flowers and trees and ponds and fishies but seriously - please stop raining.  I didn't have time to build an ark. Blub...gurgle...blub.....someone please tell the Sun to come BACK!

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