Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We love our new racetrack!

When puppies first start solid foods they are so funny.  They look at the lavishly prepared feast laid out in front of them and then....walk right through it. Yep - they don't stop to put their faces down and happily munch away - they walk right through the dish. Sometimes they walk around the bowl and around and around until they make sure the food is good and mushy and full of footprints.  We feed the puppies in a big round serving bowl that has a raised center. The center looks like an upside bowl and the theory behind the raised center is that the puppies will not want to traipse through the food. Of course the reality is that the raised center is the VERY best place in the whole world to play king of the mountain. Whoever gets to the top of the mountain and stays on top wins.  Forget the lovely scrambled eggs. Forget the oatmeal, or rice, or yogurt or homemade chicken stock.....LET'S PLAY!  Lets run around the brand new race track!!! YEA!!!!  We actually have to gently place the puppies mouths into the food and wait for the brain register in their sweet puppy heads to turn on. You can actually see the lightbulb go on.  The puppies will suddenly say - HEY. THIS. STUFF. TASTES. YUMMY!!!!! Once they figure out that the substance in their very fun "racetrack" is edible then they just stick their little faces into the mush and start eating away.  They still put their paws in it of course. And ears. And noses. And bellies. And tails. But they actually manage to get some food in their tummies.  Once they have their fill and they are covered in food from head to toe, the mommy doggies comes in for the rescue and licks them all clean. She makes sure to get every drop. After the first 3-4 days the mess gets less and less as the puppies stop running through the food and get down to business.  Our puppies right now are finally in the "getting down to business" aspect and licking their plates clean.  They will really start to fill out now and grow by leaps and bounds. They also think we two-legged humans are awesome as we bring the most delectable treats to fill their bellies. They never fail to give us the very best THANK YOU kisses.  One kiss from a wet sticky yogurty, oatmeal covered puppy and all is right with the world.

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