Friday, March 18, 2011

Back on Track

I am back on track!  The car service department called and evidently my compressor was not working in my car so they ordered a new part AND installed it TODAY!  YEA!  My car is alllll fixed.  And it was a warranty repair which is even better as there was no charge to fix it.  YEA! I have my car back!!! My puppy families have called and/or emailed me and I am all set for tomorrow morning.  The puppies are all clean and ready for their big trip out east. I have the puppy care packages all made and each puppy has a puppy blanket that smells like home.  The car is full of gas, the puppy mobile box is loaded and the puppies are wagging their tails ready for the morning.  They remind me of the little boy on the commercial who is so exited for his vacation he giggles and says, "I am too excited to go to sleep!"  I feel like that for tomorrow.  I have a lot of happy families waiting to meet their sweet babies.  My son has agreed to come with me for the trip so now I have company which is awesome!  I am so glad he is coming.  That will make the trip a million times more fun.  I even had time today to spend the day with my dad which was LONG overdue.  We had sooooo much fun together.  My mom ended up joining us for dinner so it was just the three of us!  How fun!!!  The whole day was spent with lots of smiles. I just have to get a few more things ready for tomorrow and I will be all set.  The Puppy Mobile Rides Again!

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